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Submarine Tours in Zanzibar Island

Discover the fascinating Marine Life of the Indian Ocean Zanzibar, around Bawe Island. on board our brand-new semi-submarines. You will enjoy the fresh ocean breeze on the upper deck and the colorful marine life of the Zanzibar archipelago reefs from your window seat underwater. Watch divers interact with fish while listening to our experienced marine guides.

3 Hours Royal Beach Tour

This tour combines underwater exploration and beach relaxation in Zanzibar. It begins with the Classic Reef Tour itinerary, followed by a beach escapade on a nearby sandbank. Guests are transferred by a private tender boat for a Zanzibar-style brunch, sunbathing, and swimming. The 3-hour tour includes a welcome drink, water, a private seat on the semi-submarine, picnic brunch on a sandbank, and memory pictures of the experience.

Submarine Tour for VIPs and individuals are available

Our submarines are also available for individual private & tailor-made tours for Families and Honeymooners VIP guests ’ incentive groups are all most welcome to request their favorable trip. All our submarine tours are based in the Indian Ocean and are professionally led and meticulously organized. Nonetheless, extra underwater enjoyment is available through weather and tide conditions can delay or even cancel a trip but certainly an effort will be made to control


2 Hours the Sunset Submarine Tour

The Sunset cruise offers a royal submarine ocean experience in Zanzibar beginning in the evening. Tourists enjoy a harbor submarine cruise and a stunning sunset in the semi-submarine’s cabin. As marine life transitions to night the vessel’s LED lights illuminate the sea bottom for an unforgettable nighttime trip. The 2-hour tour includes drink water a private seat sunset cocktail snacks and memory photos of the lifetime memory

Cruse to the Coral Reef Adventure

Your cruise to the coral reef will take about 30 minutes. We recommend you remain on the upper deck at the beginning, where your guide will provide information about Zanzibar’s history, nearby Islands, and Stone Town. You are free to stay on the upper or lower deck during the tour. Once you approach the reef, your guide will advise you to move to the lower deck to explore the marine life through our large unbreakable windows, accompanied by fish/coral charts and the Guide’s explanations.

On-board Facilities

The lower deck is equipped with A/C, USB charging ports, large viewing Windows, life jackets, and seats for 8 passengers. Please note, that there are no toilets on board.

Memory pictures



Your guide and diver will take free memory pictures of you through the large windows from outside the submarine. However, passengers cannot swim, dive, or snorkel during the tour.

On-board Facilities

The lower deck is equipped with A/C, USB charging ports, large viewing Windows, life jackets, and seats for 8 passengers. Please note, that there are no toilets on board.

Briefing & Refreshments

  • Professional safety briefing at our fully acclimatized departure lounge at Forodhani Gardens, 30 min. before departure time.
  • Children will be provided with life jackets right at the departure lounge—adults’ life jackets on board.
  • Enjoy free WIFI, snacks, and drinks at the acclimatized departure lounge. Private toilets nearby.
  • For your convenience, large baggage should be left at the departure lounge

Boarding Information

  • Briefing time: 30 min. before the departure time at our lounge
  • Boarding at: Forodhani Gardens, near Cape Town Fish Market Rest.
  • Boarding time: 15 min. before the departure time
  • Boarding closes: 10 min. before departure time

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