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Stone Town Tour Zanzibar

“Travel to the Zanzibar Archipelago for your holiday vacation and explore the rich history of this Tanzanian island, which has retained much of its original charm. It holds significant historical and artistic importance in East Africa. Stone Town is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

Slave Trade History Zanzibar Tanzania

Since the end of the 15th century, the Portuguese took control of Zanzibar for almost two centuries. In 1698, it became part of the Oman Sultanate after the Portuguese were expelled and the trade of slaves, ivory, and spice plantations developed on the island

Sunset Dhow Cruise Zanzibar

The best way to watch the wonderful African sun setting over the Indian Ocean is from a traditional Zanzibar dhow boat sipping your favorite drink, relaxing, and sailing away on a magical sunset cruise to end your day

Zanzibar Safari Blue Trip Experiences

The original and the best “Safari Blue” is a full-day excursion using one of our traditional Dhows, constructed from African mahogany by Zanzibar craftsmen, you can have the opportunity to do snorkeling, swim, and relax on a white sandy beach on a sandbank.

4 Day Zanzibar Slave Route Tour

Outside the Cathedral, there is a stone monument showing four people enchained by their necks as a way of reproducing the way in which slaves were offered to buyers

7 Days – Zanzibar Luxury Escape

7-Day Zanzibar Luxury Tours is the ultimate program that guarantees an unforgettable experience. It offers a diverse range of activities, including beach leisure, spice-tasting tours, visits to historical sites, and forest hiking tours, designed to provide an authentic experience of the Zanzibar culture.

Zanzibar Island Tanzania

Zanzibar is everything you imagine of an Indian Ocean island – mile upon mile of beautiful White Sand beaches lined with palm trees and turquoise waters. The island’s capital, Zanzibar Town, is a hive of activity.

7 Days Dar es salaam city Tanzania and Zanzibar Beach

Africa Tanzania luxurious and extraordinary trip. It gives you exciting places to visit like, Dar es Salaam City, the largest city and business capital of Tanzania. With over six million people, it is the largest city in East Africa and the fifth-largest in Africa....

18 Days kilimanjaro Climb Safari and Zanzibar

A trip to Zanzibar is a great way to relax after climbing Kilimanjaro or after your wildlife safari. Kuwa Huru Tanzania Adventure provides an all-inclusive 6 days Kilimanjaro climb, 6 days safari and 5 days Zanzibar getaway package with four different levels of...

6 Day Zanzibar Beach Budget Holiday

6 Day Zanzibar Budget tour, its unforgettable program which will comprise of the stone town historical tours, spice tour and beach leisure and relaxation on the white sands beach on the northern Zanzibar serenity beaches. Depending on your time you can take a short...

Kuwa Huru Adventure Zanzibar Holiday

Zanzibar is a lovely island in Tanzania. It has some of the world’s most magnificent sandy beaches and dazzling blue seas from the Indian Ocean. Whether you’re visiting Zanzibar for a vacation, a honeymoon, or a safari, there’s plenty to see and do. The island offers a variety of activities, including wildlife, swimming, diving, cultural, slave attractions, historic tour locations, forodhani market adventures, spice farm tours, and more. Book a Zanzibar Island vacation package today.”When it comes to Zanzibar, relaxation and adventure are unavoidable. Zanzibar beaches are among the most breathtaking in the earth.

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