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The Safari Blue Tour

The Safari Blue Tour

The Safari Blue Tour is the number one full-day trip in Zanzibar. This sea adventure safari starts from the Fumba fishing village on the southwest coast of the island. The major attractions of the tour include swimming, snorkeling, enjoying different types of seafood, and sailing in a traditional dhow. The history of the traditional dhow dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries, which were the ages of the monsoon winds and the Arab movements

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We will board the sailing dhow at 9:00 am and head to a sandbank for relaxation, swimming, and beach walking. You will have a great time testing the tropical seafood, including octopus, calamari, lobster, shrimp, shark, shellfish, tuna fish, barracuda, and more. Snorkeling is also a main activity, whereby tourists will be taken to the coral reef and the areas that are good and have colorful schools of fish.

Zanzibar Archipelago

After lunch at Kwale Island, there will be a short tour of the ancient baobab tree which is said to be more than 200 years old now. On our way back to the Fumba beach, we shall again have the opportunity to swim into the natural swimming pool near Kwale Island. We normally finish our tour around 4:00 pm.

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