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Stone Town Tour Zanzibar

“Travel to the Zanzibar Archipelago for your holiday vacation and explore the rich history of this Tanzanian island, which has retained much of its original charm. It holds significant historical and artistic importance in East Africa. Stone Town is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

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Swimming with Turtles

Discover the awe-inspiring natural lagoon in the northern region of Zanzibar, where majestic sea turtles roam free. At Baraka Aquarium, you can witness an incredible conservation initiative as they release turtles back into the fresh ocean water.

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The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

Have you heard about the amazing Rock Restaurant on the stunning southeastern coast of the island? It’s located right in front of Michamvi Pongwe Beach, and its unique setting has earned it the nickname of “floating restaurant”. You’ll be blown away by the dining experience that is in perfect harmony with nature, and the food is prepared with love and passion to give you a truly unforgettable culinary adventure

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Zanzibar Spice Farm Tour

This half-day tour is a popular choice among tourists, as they can easily combine it with another half-day tour to make the most of their day. We have other half-day tours available as well, such as the Prison Island Tour, the Stone Town Tour, and the Jozani Forest Tour.

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The Safari Blue Tour

The Safari Blue Tour is the number one full-day trip in Zanzibar. This sea adventure safari starts from the Fumba fishing village on the southwest coast of the island. The major attractions of the tour include swimming, snorkeling, enjoying different types of seafood, and sailing in a traditional dhow.

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Hadzabe Tribe Tanzania Africa

Tanzania offers tourists the exceptional opportunity to witness a hunting demonstration by the local indigenous people. Early morning hunting excursions provide a remarkable chance to observe the survival techniques of these proud people who have managed to thrive in the wilderness for millennia, while other tribes have yielded to the pressures of modernization.

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Zanzibar Manga Pwani Slave Chamber

It was an important transit point for the captured slaves to be sold to the outside world at the time of the abolishment of slavery in 1873 especially in the Middle East. Between 1880-1905, the slave chamber was being used as a place of concealment of the human cargo pending their disposal.

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Day Trip to Kilimanjaro Waterfalls

At the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ndoro Waterfall is one of the most popular and largest waterfalls in the area. A one-hour hike, descending through the stunning green landscapes of Chagga (the largest tribe in Tanzania) land will bring you to this huge waterfall,

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