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Kilimanjaro SAR is a brainchild project of a professional Danish mountaineer and CEO- Ivan Braun who has faced many challenges and pressure of Mountain climbing. After immense research and exchange of ideas with different stakeholders he has managed to create the first platform in Tanzania that focuses solely on helicopter operations specializing in provision of search and rescue services covering Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru.

Spearheading our team, we commit ourselves to a 5-minute response time from the minute we receive a distress call, setting a new global market leading response time for civil Search and Rescue services.

Our operations are based in Moshi, at the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, enabling us to be close to the person in distress within a nick of time. If your client ends up in an unfortunate situation, you can always count on us. All we do is manifest on our vision: To make Mt. Kilimanjaro the safest tourist destination in Africa.

We have positioned modern, efficient and specialized rescue helicopters at Moshi Airport the most ideal location for Search and Rescue operations, only a few minutes of flight time away from any distress situation on Mt. Kilimanjaro.



We are ready, skilled, experienced and prepared for any situation your client may encounter. We are duty bound and passionate about our work and striving for excellence, always on the lookout. While the rest sit, we are the team that stands. Our helicopters are manned with handpicked and experienced pilots, trauma   and   altitude   specialized   doctors   and   experienced paramedics. Supplementing our evacuation services, we provide comfortable modern ambulance service and we run the only specialized High-Altitude Medical Clinic in the African continent.

It is necessary for your clients to have a travel insurance with a medical coverage up to 6,000 meters above sea level.


As one of the strong foundations towards fulfilling our vision of making Kilimanjaro the safest tourist destination in Africa we have featured a state of the art and the only High-Altitude Medical Clinic in the entire African continent that deals with mountain related sickness. This clinic is a relief spot for those who have encountered difficulties while climbing the roof of Africa, considering that more than 75% of sickness on the mountain is high altitude related.

We provide outstanding medical care under a team of specialized doctors for24hrs to make sure everyone is safe.

The clinic takes the lead as the World’s high-altitude medical clinic within an ideal practical oriented site, Mount Kilimanjaro making it more convenient to serve its purpose.

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