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Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti: A Maasai word means that “An endless plain or where the land proceeds onward for eternity”

Serengeti National Park, an incomprehensible and lovely field of 14,763 square kilometers, is maybe the world’s most well-known untamed life asylum. A World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, the Serengeti bolsters the biggest convergence of field diversion on the planet. Notwithstanding viewing the inconceivable parade of practically more than two million wildebeest and zebra that happens every year from early December in the South piece of the Serengeti (Ndutu Area) consistently, many individuals additionally visit the Serengeti to look for enormous felines.

Facts about Serengeti National Park

The Safari to Tanzania would be and in fact, it is incomplete without going to the Serengeti National Park. This is one of a kind sanctuary on the planet and one of the World Heritage Sites since 1972. With an area of 14,763 sq. km. the Park has numerous beautiful components: Grassland Savannah fields, wild, kopjes, more than 500 types of winged animals, etc. By the by, the most outstanding element is its fauna. It contains the best residual grouping of fields game in Africa and on a scale that has no equals on the planet.

The park is the second largest park after Ruaha National Park and obviously the best park in Tanzania and East Africa. Extensive crowds of wild ox, gatherings of elephants and giraffes, and numerous countable quantities of topi, eland, impala, kongoni, give’s gazelle are accessible for seeing whenever of the year. The three major felines (Lions. Panthers and Cheetahs can likewise be seen. As normal lions are frequently discovered murdering something, if not an impala, it is a wildebeest or a zebra, and so forth. Cheetahs are extremely normal on the southeastern fields, while panthers can regularly be discovered resting lethargically in one of the vast trees close to Seronera River.

The Great Wildebeest Migration

The Serengeti National Park is notable for its yearly wildebeest movement when more than 2 million wildebeest joined by around 500,000 Thomson gazelles and around 200,000 zebras cross the Mara River yearning for new waters and fields.

Size And Location

  • The coverage area of 14,763 square kilometers
  • Located in Northern Tanzania at the following coordinates: 2.1540° S, 34.6857° E

Getting There

The best option to get there is to fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) which is situated about 50km from Arusha. It is also possible to fly into Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR), just outside of Dar es Salaam, and use a domestic flight to get to Arusha Airport (ARK). You can also opt to fly to Nairobi in Kenya at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, NBO Wilson Airport, or Moi Air Base and take a shuttle transfer to Arusha about 300KM

From Arusha by road or scheduled flight to Serengeti.

What To Do

Game review, Cultural visits, picnicking and outdoors, shrubbery lunch/supper, expand safaris,

When To Go

The recreation center offers great natural life seeing consistently. June to October is the greatest month for seeing the movement including Mara River Crossing and February is the greatest month for the wildebeest calving. The dry season begins in June and ends in January every year and these months are best for broad game review.


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  • Serengeti Sopa Lodge
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