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Kite Surfing Zanzibar

Kite Surfing Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a paradise island, in Tanzania East-Africa. It is the perfect place for a vacation getaway, famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters, and beautifully soft, white-sand beaches, Kiteboarding in Zanzibar has become a top world-class destination. The wind, the water, and the weather make an island an ideal place for complete beginners needing a stress-free zone experience, as well as independent riders looking for an untapped spot to session all day long.  You will be amazed by the possibilities that an island got from Mother Nature: shallow lagoon, flat turquoise water, and endless beaches with smooth white sand make this island a Kite-boarders paradise.  Barely 1.4 km away from the shore will you find the reef where waves can reach up to 3 meters in height? The perfect treat for wave lovers.

There are two wind, seasons for the best kitesurfing in Zanzibar are the ones, from mid-May to October the wind called Kusi blows from the South to the North coast with an average wind speed between 12-19 knots. Constant side-on-shore current from morning to late evening. (The average water temperature is between 23-29 degrees)

From mid-December to mid-March the wind called Kaskazi blows from the North to South coast with average wind speed between 12-17 knots. Perfect side-on-shore wind conditions almost

Zanzibar has become a top-notch destination for kitesurfers for many reasons: the warm waters of the Indian Ocean (they can reach even 27°C), different winds useful for beginners to intermediate and advanced riders, and a unique environment.


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