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  1. What kind of travel insurance do my clients need for a helicopter evacuation on Mount Kilimanjaro?
  • A travel insurance which covers Medical Evacuation up to 6,000 Meters, above sea level. It is very important your clients ask the travel insurance companies to include this in their final prices.
  1. Is the same insurance required for evacuation on Mount Meru?
  • If clients are climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and they have proper insurance coverage up to 6000m then they will also be covered on Mt Meru.
  1. What do I do if my client doesn’t have this kind of insurance?
  • Ask client to contact their Travel Insurance company to ensure they will have Medical Evacuation up to 6000m.
  1. Why do standard insurance packages do not cover high altitude trekking?
  • There is more risk involved for the insurance company, which means less profit.
  • The risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) increases dramatically above 2800 Meters, as do the costs of emergency medical services and evacuation.
  1. Is it possible for Kilimanjaro SAR to evacuate a client without a proper insurance?
  • Yes, it’s possible. Kilimanjaro SAR is committed to save lives of all climbers. In case they lack a proper insurance, they will have to pay for evacuation costs after they are fully recovered.
  1. Can Kilimanjaro SAR help my client to issue a proper insurance?
  • No, it is very simple to purchase this insurance online or over the phone – even from Tanzania. However, as time goes on Kilimanjaro SAR will recommend the best insurers to tour operators, and so tour operators will recommend insurers to their clients.
  1. Do I have to submit my client’s document prior to hiking?
  • Yes, Kilimanjaro SAR advise tour operators to submit their clients’ insurance details and passport copies before hiking.
  • We need the operators to give us all climbing manifests prior to hiking.
  1. What kind of insurance is required for evacuation within national parks and game reserves?
  • Any travel insurer that lists medical evacuation (altitude detail is unnecessary).

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