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Trekking Insurance (Medical Evacuation Coverage) Key Considerations Below we have highlighted the five main trekking insurance considerations. If you visit World Nomadswebsite you can use their trekking insurance calculator to get an immediate quote based on your specific requirements and country of origin. 1: High Altitude Trekking in mountainous regions usually involves going to high altitudes. For example, if you plan to do an Everest Base Camp trek or reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro you will trek to an altitude above 5,500 meters. At these altitudes, traditional travel insurance is not good enough. Some insurance providers will cover you up to 3,000 meters, which is great for the...

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Travel Insurance which includes Mountaineering and Hiking Insurance provides coverage for people mountain climbing or hiking while abroad. Mountaineers of all skill levels are at risk to the dangers of climbing, especially those traveling overseas to famous mountaineering destinations such as Kilimanjaro, the Andes Mountains and Mount Everest. Many travel insurance policies strictly exclude mountaineering and other adventurous activities from plan benefits, which is why it is important to select a policy with mountain climbing coverage or a ‘hazardous-sport rider’ to ensure that you’re covered in the event of a mountaineering accident.Travel insurance for mountaineers also includes: emergency medical evacuation coverage, surgery, emergency hospital visits, and repatriation benefits. Travel insurance policies usually specify the maximum elevation the plan will cover. For example, if you are injured while hiking at 15,000 feet, and your policy only covers hiking injuries up to 14,000 feet, your claim may be denied. Be sure to consider the elevation of your mountaineering trek when purchasing a travel/medical insurance policy. Who Needs Mountaineering & Hiking Insurance?  People who will be partaking in any of the following activities up to 6000m should purchase a policy with mountain climbing coverage:  •Mountaineering •Mountain climbing •Hiking • Trekking Why Do Climbers Need Mountaineering Insurance with Travel Insurance? • Covers mountaineering injuries • Covers medical & emergency evacuation in case rescue is needed • Offers repatriation coverage in case of death Share this:Click...

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To ensure you are covered for all risks we have set out the main Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance considerations below. There is also a nifty travel insurance calculator from adventure travel insurance experts, World Nomads, which you can use to get a quote for your Kilimanjaro trek. Please note: consult an insurance professional to decide which product is right for your travel needs and make sure you read the terms and conditions of the policy wording and description of coverage. It is ultimately your responsibility to decide if the policy you choose is right for you. High altitude Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and the more severe forms of High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HACE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HAPE) are very real issues on Kilimanjaro. You need to ensure that you are covered for high altitude trekking up to 6,000 meters. Most travel insurance providers do not include this under their standard packages and therefore it needs to be selected separately. Important: most routes on Kilimanjaro are pure hiking paths. If you plan to do mountaineering with ropes etc, you will need to inform your insurance provider, and this will likely double your premium. In the case of World Nomads, you would need to add ‘mountaineering’ to your cover. Trekking Accidents Like AMS, general trekking accidents, like falls, rock slides and complications related to your health (i.e. heart conditions) whilst trekking are also a real concern on Kilimanjaro. You need...

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Top 10 Insurers

1)  World Nomads Insurers Altitude Limits INSURER ALTITUDE LIMIT RESTRICTIONS               1300 Insurance 3000m No cover for use of ropes or climbing equipment           1Cover* 3500m No cover for use of ropes or climbing equipment           AIG   No altitude No cover for use of ropes or climbing equipment (other than for hiking)   restrictions                   Allianz 3000m No cover for use of ropes or climbing equipment                       American No altitude No cover for use of ropes or guides   Express restrictions                 Boomers 6000m No cover for use of ropes or climbing equipment                   Must be available to the general public, conducted by a commercial operator, not be       Budget Direct 5000m considered extreme risk, and not require special skills or a high level of fitness to       undertake             Columbus Direct 6000m If Sports & Adventure pack B is purchased. No cover for use of ropes or guides           Covermore No altitude No cover for mountaineering or rock climbing using ropes restrictions          ...

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Finally, a solution to 25 years of inefficient and outdated search and rescue gears has been found. Kilimanjaro SAR the only helicopter-based search and rescue company eager to save lives of people on the Mountain offers the best and modern search and rescue services using helicopters that can fly in any weather. We are making you the hero of our story by making Kilimanjaro the safest tourist destination in Africa. EVACUATION An emergency medical service to ensure your safety while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru with helicopters that can be deployed within 5 minutes. We ensure a quick response and guarantee your safety regardless the season. Our helicopter will pick you up from the designated area on the mountain, where our medical team will immediately start an inflight medical treatment. Upon landing at KIA/Moshi Airport there will be transport, to take you to a place of local residence. If so necessary for further medical attention upon landing, you will be taken to our modern private High Altitude Medical clinic ideal for Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Kilimanjaro SAR accepts insurance with Evacuation coverage up to 6,000 meters above Sea Level. Please be aware that coverage and eligibility requirements for this benefit differ by policy. The website linked below showcases 75 different policies and providers that offer Medical Evacuation coverage. Dial our 24/7 active toll-free number 0800 713 713...

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