Travel Insurance which includes Mountaineering and Hiking Insurance provides coverage for people mountain climbing or hiking while abroad. Mountaineers of all skill levels are at risk to the dangers of climbing, especially those traveling overseas to famous mountaineering destinations such as Kilimanjaro, the Andes Mountains and Mount Everest.

Many travel insurance policies strictly exclude mountaineering and other adventurous activities from plan benefits, which is why it is important to select a policy with mountain climbing coverage or a ‘hazardous-sport rider’ to ensure that you’re covered in the event of a mountaineering accident.Travel insurance for mountaineers also includes: emergency medical evacuation coverage, surgery, emergency hospital visits, and repatriation benefits. Travel insurance policies usually specify the maximum elevation the plan will cover.

For example, if you are injured while hiking at 15,000 feet, and your policy only covers hiking injuries up to 14,000 feet, your claim may be denied. Be sure to consider the elevation of your mountaineering trek when purchasing a travel/medical insurance policy.

Who Needs Mountaineering & Hiking Insurance? 

People who will be partaking in any of the following activities up to 6000m should purchase a policy with mountain climbing coverage:


•Mountain climbing


• Trekking Why Do Climbers Need Mountaineering Insurance with Travel Insurance?

• Covers mountaineering injuries

• Covers medical & emergency evacuation in case rescue is needed

• Offers repatriation coverage in case of death