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3 day Trekking to Ol doinyo Lengai

3 day Trekking to Ol doinyo Lengai

Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano Mountain, is situated in one of the most beautiful places in North Tanzania, near Lake Natron where hundreds of thousands of pink flamingos fly every year. Ol Doinyo Lengai is unique among active volcanoes in East Africa and unique in the world which produces natrocarbonatite lava or “cold lava”. It has a dark-brown or black color in a liquid state and fluidity as water. This temperature is much lower than other lavas but, however, not so cool because it is approximately 510-600°C. In a hundred years Lengai has erupted about 15 times, the last time was in 2013. Fortunately, eruptions happen without victims because the volcano has relatively small in size and is situated rather far from the nearest Maasai villages. The trek to the top of Lengai is very steep and a true challenge that is attempted only by hikers with a good level of fitness.” Oslo see Best Time To Visit Lake Natron”

Day 1: Engaruka Village

With picnic lunches, drive from Arusha Town to Engaruka Village arriving at noontime.   After lunch, visit the Engaruka Ruins.  On this site, you will see lots of ruins of the people believed to have lived there several centuries back.  Dinner and overnight at Engaruka Ruins Campsite.

Day 2: To Lake Natron

After breakfast, drive to Lake Natron for lunch. You will reach Lengai Safari Lodge sometime after lunch. At the same time, the scenery on the way is picturesque and you will have an opportunity to see the local people, including Maasai tribesmen, as well as some African wildlife. After your check-in, a guide will take you on a walking tour to Ngare Sero waterfall. The trail runs through a gorge and you will sometimes need to ford the stream, so we recommend that you wear sandals or the like to avoid constantly having to take your shoes off. A drive to the lakeshore, where you get a chance to capture its great scenery on camera takes place before you return to the Lodge for dinner and some rest.

Day 3: Climbing Oldonyo Lengai Mountain

At approximately 1:00 am drive to the foot of Mt. Oldonyo Lengai Mountain and then start trekking to the top. The trek to the top takes 3 – 4 hours and descending down takes about 3 hours, Depending on your fitness and resultant pace. The gradient is steep, so it is best to make a short stop every 100. At the edge of the crater, you will have reached an altitude of 2,960 m. Here, you can actually hear the lava flow inside the Mountain of God crater. Upon reaching the top you will take some time to view the sunrise, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, all highlands volcano, and the Rift Valley.

The descent is easier and you may be tempted to move faster. This is, however, the time when most injuries happen, so mind your step! It is also advisable to change your fleece for a sun hat after dawn in order to avoid heatstroke.

Our driver will be awaiting you as you return to the foot of the mountain with cold drinks, ready to drive you to drive back to the camp for rest, after lunch drive back to Arusha town

For only US$ 1265 

 Itinerary Includes

Transport to the parks and back, accommodation, park entry fee, camping fees, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, food, cook, driver/guide, and transfers according to the itinerary.


  • Sun hat
  • sunglasses
  • head torch
  • buff or lightweight neck gaiter (for keeping out dust)
  • rain shell
  • light fleece
  • Long sleeve t-shirt x 2
  • hiking trousers (zip-off style is recommended so you have shorts too)
  • waterproof trousers
  • socks x 3 pairs
  • hiking shoes preferably with some decent ankle support
  • Teva or flip flops for in the camp
  • walking poles
  • gaiters for those that have low-cut hiking shoes
  • water bottles x 3 enough to hold 3 Liters

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